МЕДИ Экспо — Direct-mail


Direct mail is one of the powerful marketing tools in sphere of event industry and preparing for events. Daily members of our team exploit, for notification and long-term communication with current and potential delegates, the whole complex of tools integrating such direct ways/types of them as fax, e-mailing and classic paper letters. Nevertheless, the core mechanism of interaction is direct e-mailing. Annually our Registration Department creates and upgrades the databases of personality information belonging to our participants in order to e-mail invitations to potential participants, programs and instructions on the presentation conditions of presentations to speakers; to e-mail conditions for participation in conference/congress information’s of the speaker’s registration and so on. Such an integrated direct marketing allows us to apply systematically and consistently in practice different types of impact on the key audience and effectively achieve goals.

The competitive advantage of “MEDI Expo” is the unique data base of more than 80000 doctors of different specialities from all the regions of Russia, as well as the data base of more than 4000 companies-manufacturers and dealers of a wide spectrum of medical goods and services. We regularly actualize and enlarge our data bases, that is why they contain the latest and the most comprehensive information.

We suggest you to use our services for address direct mailing of letters and other materials to your target audience-doctors of different specialities in all regions of Russia. Mailing carried out with the help of our bases is the guaranty of an efficient and not very expensive promotion of your event.

We are ready to carry out mailing from A to Z at your request:

  • To develop the design and do the enclosure layout
  • To print
  • To make copies of materials
  • To format the data base
  • To circulate information