Participation in the scientific program with the report

Acceptance of applications and abstracts for oral presentations until April 30.

From one first author it is allowed to download no more than 5 reports.

The procedure for filling out an application for an oral report:

  • Oral reports submitted for review through
  • When adding the thesis, note: “I want to make an oral report (in case of a refusal by the scientific committee to give an oral presentation, the poster will be offered to the author)”.

General requirements for oral presentations:

  • reports sent for review should reflect the purpose, materials and research methods, the results obtained and the conclusion — without tables and figures
  • when downloading reports for reviewing, there are restrictions on the number of characters - 2,000
  • The text of the report should contain sections:
    1. job title
    2. surnames and initials of authors
    3. names of institutions
    4. telephone and email address of authors for communication
    5. institution logo allowed
  • Structure of the text of the abstract of the report:
    1. materials and research methods
    2. conclusion / conclusions
    3. references to the used literature are possible