Dear colleagues!

The Forum “Medical Diagnostics 2010” has united specialists of various diagnostic trends of contemporary medical science and practice. Functional diagnostics is one of them, which is an independent specialty and a native public health service.

Functional diagnostics holds a prominent place at all stages of the therapeutic-diagnostic process: from the screening at the level of the primary branch of prevention and treatment institutions to the hi-tech types of medical care in specialized centres. It refers to a significant constituent of the evidence based medicine.

Contemporary functional diagnostics is a rapidly developing branch of science based on modern computer technologies, which seamlessly unites both traditional and recent diagnostic techniques of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and other systems of the body.

An important tendency at the contemporary stage of development of medicine  is the expansion of the scope of functions of various functional diagnostics methods and the development of new diagnostic techniques by means of attraction of the latest achievements in Electrophysiology, Biophisics, Information Sciences, Mathematical Modeling, and Computer Technologies. The experience is being accumulated constantly, the knowledge, and estimation of physiological and pathophysiological conditions are being expanded, taking the conceptually new approaches into account. In recent years the telemedical technologies have been developed in the field of functional diagnostics; they are based on the modern means of communication.

Clinical practice requires from the functional diagnostics doctor not only to have special clinical thinking, but also to possess the relevant knowledge in the field of Physiology, Physics, Electronics, Mathematics, and Computer Technology in order to be successful in the solution of the problems on the timely effective detection and treatment of diseases. Accordingly, the requirements for the level of basic training and continuous professional development of the functional diagnostics specialists have been raised significantly, the experience exchange on the implementation and use of contemporary equipment is becoming more essential.

Native and foreign manufacturers provide a wide range of programmed diagnostic equipment and our main task is to implement new diagnostic equipment and new medical technologies into the practical public health service, and to formulate the requirements on the development of new medical devices.

Our Congress will provide lectures of the prominent specialists in the field of functional diagnostics, reports on the relevant topics, demonstration of the recent equipment. We also plan to conduct master classes and the analysis of complicated diagnostic cases, as well as the discussion of post-graduate training issues for the functional diagnostics specialists.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Congress and we will be glad to greet doctors of various clinical specialties at our sections!

Organising Committee of the Congress
“Functional Diagnostic Technologies