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Charity action «Give me life!»

Dear colleagues!

MEDI expo takes part in the charitable action «Give me life!» (the week against abortion), which will be held in different regions of Russia from 9 to 15 July 2011.


The action is focused on family, strengthening families, cultivating family values and traditions. The conference is organized by the Foundation for social and cultural initiatives (FSCI), headed by the wife of the President of the Russian Federation S. V. Medvedeva.

Much more information on the action “Give me life!” one can find out from the informational letter or on the official web-site http://www.fondsci.ru/news/106.html


While holding business events on actual medical diseases, “MEDI Expo” brings a high level of responsibility to society.

For many years we cooperate with internal troops of The Ministry of internal affairs of The Russian Federation (the Privolzhsky district), which regularly holds charity events to support families of soldiers killed in the fighting in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation.


“MEDI Expo” took part in the All-Russian New Year charitable action for internal troops of The Ministry of internal affairs of The Russian Federation.

MEDI Expo has taken part in the New Year charity action, which had been held by The main command of internal troops of The ministry of internal affairs of Russia jointly with the Fund family protection from October 2015 till January 2016.

All money, listed in the Fund, will be spent on Christmas gifts to children of soldiers killed in trouble spots.




Charitable action by MEDI Expo for a remedial boarding school “Nadezhda” in Obninsk

Annually the congress-operator "MEDI Expo" is involved in charitable and social events, supporting foundations, orphanages, children from disadvantaged and single-parent families.

The other days members of the company returned from Obninsk boarding school for students with disabilities "Nadezhda", which was purchased by the company materials for repair. In the orphanage they waited lino, paint, wallpaper, electric appliances, that had been bought to update children's bedrooms and rooms, as well as new year's greetings and gifts to the children.

The Obninsk correctional boarding school "Nadezhda" was built in 1989 specifically for children with poor mental health. Designed to 217 people, it continues to collect children from all the villages and districts of the Kaluga region. Now in the boarding school 227 people live and study. Daily 46 teachers with significant teaching experience (from 20 to 37 years), as well as speech therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and speech pathologists, without them the educational process is impossible, engage with the pupils.

Today, the orphanage needs everything (from personal hygiene items, educational games, clothes for students up to repair materials for building and halls). Outdated material and technical base is “worn out” and requires replacement.

A large number of wonderful hand-made crafts, drawings made by pupils of different classes under the supervision of teachers. Gallery of children's art is a ornamental island of pride and achievements of the school. As well as numerous diplomas, cups and medals, memorable, decorating a large presentation stand.

The pupils successfully participate in competitions, ski races, football matches. However, the spacious sports hall with a stack of "charged-off" mats in the corner and long time requiring replacement of the gate is vacant and waiting for balls, shells, ski.

Each day the children wait for guests, they are open to friendship and communication.

The website of the boarding school http://internadezhda.ucoz.ru

Special thanks to our permanent partner, the freight company "Moscargo" for the participation in this social campaign.