The Appeal
of Profesor Vladimir Dolgov,
the Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development
on the Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
to the participants of the Congress
“Medical Diagnostics”

Dear Colleagues,

The main task of public health service reconstruction is the treatment of patients based on the objective information of the patient’s condition, medical treatment standards and the potential of medical institutions. Over the recent years the primary public health service has been enchased, the programs and procedures on the delivery of health care have been implemented in various directions, and standards at different levels of the delivery of health care have been elaborated thanks to the national and regional programs. All these significant changes should be supported with the qualitative diagnostic information. It is symbolic that the present congress unites medical diagnostic specialties, including clinical laboratory diagnostics, functional diagnostics and X-ray radiometric diagnostics.

Clinical laboratory diagnostics presents the most massive investigations in this raw. According to the experts, 90% of all diagnostic information on the patient is provided by the laboratory diagnostics. Clinical laboratory diagnostics refers to a rapidly developing branch of medicine, which has been implemented to practically all medical specialties. Screening assays at the periodic health examination of population, primary diagnostics, and keeping track on the treatment efficiency are performed, and also the healing or recurrence of diseases is stated by means of laboratory test methods.

Laboratory tests are performed individually by patients at self-testing, by health care professionals at the place of the treatment, at the first aid treatment in feldsher-midwife stations and medical practice, by surgical teams at the exigent conditions, by clinicodiagnostic laboratories of the outpatient segment, in the in-patient departments, and in the specialized and centralized laboratories. At present, the creation of laboratory facilities with the immense productivity, where the single analysis is involved into the production process, is becoming topical. At the same time, the individual means of laboratory diagnostics, which can be used once on the individual basis, are created.

All these and other opportunities of laboratory tests should be discussed, analyzed, the experienced should be shared, as contemporary technologies cannot be imagined without the contribution of manufacturers. The congress on medical diagnostics, like no other event, enables to exchange the experience with diagnostic services colleagues, to elaborate and reconcile the diagnostic standards and reports, and to elaborate the most effective schemes of tracking the effectiveness of treatment.

The union of congress and the exhibition of contemporary medical equipment, medical products, including devices, facilities, chemical reagents, expendable supplies for the clinical laboratory diagnostics, is very essential, because innovative technologies in the laboratory diagnostics are impossible without innovations of the laboratory equipment.

I hope that the congress “Medical Diagnostics” in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostics will be conducted on the high scientific level and will become the foremost perch in the development of diagnostic specialties for the benefit of all our public health service.

Vladimir Dolgov
M.D. Professor


The basic questions to be reviewed at the congress “Laboratory Technologies at the Delivery of Health Care”:

  1. Laboratory Support for the Medical Aid at the Place of Treatment
  2. Reliability Control of Laboratory Tests at the Self-Control and at the Stage of Predoctor Care.
  3. Standardization of Laboratory Analyses for the Preventive Medical Examination
  4. Laboratory Support for Medical Treatment Standards
  5. Laboratory Technologies for the Exigent Conditions
  6. High Tech Lab Analyses
  7. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of Laboratory Service Specialists and Guiding Documents for the Work of Clinicodiagnostic Laboratories.
  8. Succession from the Patient to the Attending Physician in the Cycle of Laboratory Analysis

The Organizers:

  1. The RF Ministry of Public Health and Social Development
  2. The Scientific Foundation for the Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
  3. The Chief Specialist Cervice of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
  4. Journal “Laboratory”
  5. The congress-operator Medi Expo ZAO