November 15, 2016, held a meeting of the organizing Committee of the Forum "Medical diagnostics" and the Congress "Radiology-2017"

The meeting covered the following problems:
  1. According to the corresponding member of RAS, Professor N. Serova discussed the timetable of the Forum and the Congress. Developed the preliminary program of plenary sessions and satellite symposia. Within a week (to November, 21) it is necessary to receive final proposals from the managers. Responsible – corresponding member of RAS, Professor N. Serova.
  2. On the proposal of Academician of RAS, Professor S. Ternovoy considered candidates of foreign lecturers from the Czech Republic, the UK and Japan. Decided to send to the candidates  the official invitation. Responsible – Academician of RAS, Professor S. Ternovoy.
  3. Confirmed the decision taken at the last organizing Committee on holding the Symposium in cooperation with the Association of radiologists of Serbia. Decided to send a request for the speeches subjects. Responsible: Professor V. I. Dombrovsky, O. Yu., Pavlova.
  4. Discussed issues on organizing the poster session. Decided to hold a poster session in the same format as in 2016. If there is free hall - to hold a meeting with oral presentations of the winners of the poster session on the 3rd day of the Congress. Responsible: Professor M. V. Vishnyakova.
  5. Prepare the topics, timing and scope of meetings on "International school on the use of Ultrasound contrast agents" and “International school of Ultrasound prenatal diagnosis". Responsible: Professor V. V. Mitkov.
  6. To prepare the theme and to clarify the scope of meetings on the X Scientific-practical conference of the Association of interventional oncoradiologysts. Responsible – Academician, Professor B. I. Dolgushin.
  7. To prepare the subjects and the required number of rooms for the IX Russian conference "Functional diagnostics – 2016". Responsible: Professor N. F. Beresten.
  8. Defined in terms of acceptance of applications for participation in the Congress:
    • abstract submission – 15 March 2017;
    • submission of an application for an oral report – up to 19 December 2016;
    • submission of applications for poster presentations - 15 March 2017.

The next meeting of the Committee appointed on December 20, 2016 (Tuesday), 15.00.