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Registration for the XV Congress of Reproductive Medicine is open



Leading Russian scientists and specialists and foreign experts are invited to the congress: D. Adamson (USA), S. Angioni (Italy), J. Hamou (France), B. Arabin (Germany), Z.B. Rafael (Israel), H.C. Bennink (Netherlands), D. Valsky (Israel), A. Watrelot (France), A. Wattiez (United Arab Emirates), S. Gordts (Belgium), A. Graziottin (Italy), G. Griesinger (Germany), J. Deprest (Belgium), A. Genazzani (Italy), G.C. Di Renzo (Italy), D. Querleu (Canada), Ph. Koninckx (Belgium), D. Marin (USA), M. Nisolle (Belgium), Y. Ota (Japan), I. Ota (Japan), J. Ott (Austria), J.L. de Pablo (Spain), Sh. Puntambekar (India), P. Piette (Belgium), A. Romeo (Italy), V. Senikas (Canada), A. Setubal (Portugal), T. Simoncini (Italy), E. Somigliana (Italy), A. Stepanian (USA), R. Tozzi (UK), K. Hiraoka (Japan), D. Tsepov (UK).

Professionals in the field of reproductive medicine will share their knowledge and experience on topical issues: prevention of reproductive losses, preservation of reproductive health and quality of life in various diseases, scientific, clinical, ethical and social aspects of assisted reproductive technologies, management of high-risk pregnancies.