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Outpatient reception. Evaluation and monitoring of the main risks of socially significant diseases

Outpatient Care

Session: "Assessment and monitoring of main risks of socially significant diseases"

2017: February 9, April 24, June 20, September 13, November 272017-02-09 09:00:002017-02-09 18:00:00Europe/MoscowOutpatient Care. Session: "Evaluation and monitoring of the main risks of social diseases"9.02.17, 24.04.17, 20.06.17, 13.09.17, 13.11.17Noviy Arbat Street, 36, MoscowКонгресс-оператор ООО «МЕДИ Экспо»expo@mediexpo.ru

Noviy Arbat Street, 36, Moscow

Dear colleaques!

We are pleased to welcome you to the «Outpatient Care» - education sessions for family doctors.

Outpatient care describes medical care or treatment that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility. Outpatient care may be administered in a medical office or a hospital, but most commonly, it is provided in a medical office or outpatient surgery center.

Sessions take place 5 times a year in Moscow, Noviy Arbat Street, 36.

The participation is free for delegates, each gets the bag with educational literature.

The leader of the scientific program

Vertkin Arkady Lvovich,
M.D., Professor, Head of Therapy,
Clinical Pharmacology and ambulance.

+ 7 495 9694702



  • Russian Federation Ministry of Health
  • Management of coordinate the activities of medical institutions of Moscow Health Department
  • Russian public organization "Russian Society of Physicians"
  • Russian public organization "Russian Scientific Medical Society of Therapists"
  • Medical University "Moscow State Medical and Dental University by A. I. Yevdokimov
  • National Scientific and Practical Society of Emergency Medical Care
  • Society "Outpatient doctor"
  • Congress operator LLC "MEDI Expo"


The interesting program of the day is including lectures and clinical reviews, theatre performance, a thematic exposition of manufacturers and distributors of medicines, medical equipment and specialized publications.

The scientific program you can find on our web site a month before the session.

Plan for 2017:

February 9
Assessment and monitoring of main risks of socially significant diseases.

April 24
Laboratory service in the clinic: from the routine to the modern markers of diseases.

June 20th
Pathologic service in the clinic: the obvious and incredible.

September 13th
«Fast track»: routing of patients, organization and algorithms.

November 27th
The organization of continuous education of the therapist: time management.

For cooperation and participation please contact with us!
Ivanova Evgeniya
Project manager
8 (926) 612-48-79
Business-center «Lotos», 2-А, Odesskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 117638