Functional diagnostics – 2014

VI All-Russian Conference

May 28–30, 2014
Moscow, 65-66 km of Moscow Ring Road, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre

The conference organizers:

  • The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • The Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region
  • Russian Academy of Sciences
  • "Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • "Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex" Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • The M. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute (MONIKI) (Moscow)
  • The Russian National Research Center of Surgery named after B.V. Petrovsky.
  • "Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov" Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • "Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A.I. Evdokimov" of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • "Moscow scientific and practical center of medical rehabilitation, restorative and sports medicine" of the Department of health of Moscow
  • Central Clinical Hospitalwith Outpatient Polyclinic, Administration of President of the Russian Federation
  • «Institute for Advanced Studies of FMBA of Russia»
  • Center for Syncope and Cardiac Arrhythmia in Children and Adolescents of FMBA of Russia
  • "Institute of Pulmonology" FMBA of Russia
  • Main Military Clinical Hospital Burdenko
  • "Scientific Center of Neurology"
  • "Scientific Research Institute of Emergency Care. N.V. Sklifosovsky Department of Health"
  • The Scientific Research Neurosurgery Institute named after theacademician N. N. Burdenko
  • Dmitry Rogachev Federal Research Center of Paediatric Haematology, Oncology, and Immunology, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • Maimonid State Classical Academy
  • "DGKB № 9. G.N. Speranskii Moscow Health Department"
  • Russian Association of Specialists of functional diagnostics
  • Russian Society for Holter Monitoring and Noninvasive Electrophysiology
  • Congress operator "MEDI Expo"

Exhibition "MЕDiagnostics – 2014"

The Conference Program will include an international specialized exhibition that will discuss cutting-edge technologies in diagnostics of human diseases "MEDiagnostics – 2014"