Publication of abstracts

The deadline for submission of abstracts – before August 5, 2014

The abstracts shall be sent by e-mail to:

The abstracts received by the Organizing Committee after August 5, 2014, those which do not meet the following requirements and abstracts sent without confirmation of payment shall not be published.

Abstract requirements:

  • The abstracts should demonstrate timeliness, describe purpose, materials, research methods, obtained results and conclusion and shall not contain partitioning, tables or images.
  • The abstracts must be written in MSWord for Windows text editor (its version shall not be earlier than 6.0), in Times New Roman Cyrillic (font size is 12), 1.5 line spacing and shall not exceed 2 pages. No more than 2 abstracts will be accepted from one author.
  • The materials shall be submitted as an attached file by e-mail (our e-mail:


Abstract publications are fee-based (publication of one abstract costs RUR 500, including VAT (18 %) of RUR 76,27). The abstracts shall be sent with a copy of a document confirming the payment with a wording “for publication of abstracts” and indication of the first author’s full name.

You may upload your abstracts through your personal account on during registration for participation (if you do not have any personal account, please create one).
In order to upload abstracts to the website you should:

  • Press “Participate” against the required project in your personal account;
  • Select “Abstract publication only” on the same page, upload your abstracts in section “Abstracts” by pressing the “Add” button if you only want to publish your abstracts without paying for personal participation;
  • The uploaded text shall not exceed 2 A4 pages typed in 12 pt font.