Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

I am joyful to tell you that XI Congress of the “Radiology-2017” radiologists has beaten all records. As you can see on our web-sites almost 4200 specialists from 352 cities, 79 subjects of our country have participated in the work of the forum “Medical diagnostics” and the “Radiology” congress. This year the specialists from 30 countries have attended this congress!

As well as in the previous year, All-Russian National Congress of X-ray diagnosticians and therapists “Radiology-2017” was certified in the system of Continuous Medical Education (the “CME”) and each participant received 16 credits and special form certificate. We are going to continue working in this direction, as our Congress is a true platform for professional development of radiologists working in different areas of X-ray diagnostics.

According to the plan of the Federal Educational and Methodological Association of extended group of occupations, specialties and directions of training 31.00.00 “Clinical science” the meeting of academic committee of X-ray diagnostics and therapy in extended membership. The Head of departments and academic teaching staff of the X-ray diagnostics chairs were present at the meeting. The issues of specialists certification were considered. We believe it to be one of the most important issues, as the quality of diagnostics and treatment of patients and prestige of radiotherapist profession depend on structure, quality and volume of teaching.

“Radiology-2017” congress has ended, we start getting ready for “Radiology-2018” congress. I highly recommend you to get registered for the Congress beforehand. It will help you save your time and nervous system and spare your time at the first day of the event.

At the next Congress upon recommendation of elected President, the RAS member, Professor A.D. Kaprin, the time will be dedicated to the important issues specialized antitumor therapy (radioembolization, radiosurgery, proton therapy). For this therapy a very precise pointing of the subject beam to the tumor is required, which is impossible without accurate diagnostics and topography of the object.  

Sure, there will be present all other fields of the contemporary diagnostics of diseases and damages of different organs and tissues (heart, arteries, urinogenital, nervous and digestive systems, etc.)

We will continue developing workshops and schools for the most actual directions of Medical diagnosis. We will invite a larger number of the leading clinicians of the country to have joint sessions. And, certainly, we will invite the leading foreign specialists to deliver lectures.

I am confident that regular XII National Congress of X-ray diagnosticians and therapists, which will take place on May 22–24, 2018, will be as successful as Congress 2017.

See you at “Radiology-2018” congress!

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
S.K. Ternovoy