Dear colleagues!

Mother and child care remains the primary task of the Government of the Russian Federation and of all medical workers because the coming generations’ health and demographic stability of the country depend on the successful solution of this problem. One of the proofs of it is the established tradition to hold the All-Russia scientific forum «Mother and Child».

On behalf of the Ministry of health and of medical workers of the Moscow region I congratulate you on the opening of the XIth International specialized exhibition «Care mother and child» and the Xth Jubilee All-Russia scientific forum «Mother and Child».

The Ministry of health implements a number of measures aimed at the cardinal improvement of quality of medical services rendered to women and children. In the last three years in the Moscow region there has been a decrease in diseases impairing women’s reproductive function. Infants’ health indices are improving and infant and perinatal mortality rates are going down.

In the Moscow region a lot of attention is given to the professional training of delivery and childhood medical staff. In this connection such a representative event as the All-Russia scientific forum «Mother and Child» opens up unique chances to discuss the pressing problems, to exchange the stored experience, establish partnership and see at the exhibition the most up-to-date equipment in use.

With all my heart I congratulate you once again on the opening of the Forum and Exhibition! I wish you health and success in work!

Moscow Region
Health Minister
Vladimir Semyonov