Xth All-Russia scientific forum “Mother and child”

Forum organizers:

  • Ministry of Health and social development of the Russian Federation
  • Federal state institution “The V.I.Kulakov Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology”
  • Russian society of obstetricians-gynecologists
  • Congress-operator “MEDI-Expo”, Ltd.

Venue: 12 Krasnopresnenskaya emb., Moscow, the World Trade Center, Entrance 4

Dates: 29 September-2 October, 2009

Forum President: Sukhikh G.T.
Director of “The V.I.Kulakov Scientific center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology”, Academician of the Russian Academy  of Medical Sciences

Dear colleagues, friends!

We invite you to take part in the work of the regular All-Russia scientific forum “Mother and child”!

It is worth mentioning that it is the tenth, jubilee forum!

The All-Russia forum is one the major federal events at which considered will be pressing issues and problems, as well as all innovations in the sphere of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology.

The organizing committee on the preparation and holding of the forum is in constant search of modern forms of improvement of the professional level and of educational events. Obstetrics and gynecological service faces the tasks of state significance, connected with demographic development of the country, improvement of the population’s reproductive health, reduction of maternal and infant mortality, development and introduction of new advanced technology in the sphere of woman and infant’s health protection.
The implementation of the “Health” priority national project initiated the reformation in the system of obstetrics institutions work, improvement of accessibility and quality of medical help to women. It is significant to note that the Demographic policy Concept up to the year 2025 and the Public health development Concept up to the year 2020 are the basic documents in the sphere of public health, which determine the development prospect of such sphere as mother-and –childhood.

The international specialized exhibition “Mother and child care” with the participation of Russian and foreign companies will be traditionally held in the framework of the forum.
The task of the jubilee forum is to acquaint its participants with up-to-the- minute achievements in science and practice, to promote the improvement of the doctors’ professional level, and to work out the model of further development of obstetric and gynecological help to the country’s population.

We hope the new meetings with colleagues, interesting round table discussions will be the basis for a business atmosphere and your good spirits!

President of the All-Russia scientific forum “Mother and child”,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences


The scientific program of the forum includes plenary meetings, symposia, round table discussions, trainings, etc.

The main directions to be considered and discussed at the forum:
1. Population’s reproductive health and the demographic situation in the country.
2. Improvement of the efficiency of obstetrics institutions; matters of providing women and infants with hi-tech medical help.
3. State-of-the-art technology in the reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality
4. Peculiarities of rendering medical help in regions, exchange of work experience
5. Chronic inflammatory processes in female genitals
6. Antibacterial and antiviral therapy in obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology
7. Application prospects of the new highly-informative visualization methods in reproductive medicine
8. Prevention of reproductive system malignant diseases: state of the problem, its improvement prospects.
9. Cell technology in gynecological and neonatological practice.
10. Problems connected with the development of continuing professional education of obstetricians-gynecologists, further training of doctors working at maternity welfare clinics.