МЕДИ Экспо — Onsite management

Onsite management

Onsite management is an integral part of any successful project and includes the whole range of activities held directly at the event. During the conference, congress or exhibition the specialists of our company will take upon themselves:

Distribution of premises and equipment

  • Assembly/dismantling of the exhibition
  • Organization of the reception and the delegates registration zone
  • Preparation of conference-halls stages
  • Internal indices

Allocation of different conference premises (reception and registration, catering, exhibition, cyber zone, self-registration, meeting places, etc.)

Organization and supervision of the personnel work, of services and IT-equipment

  • Making up the delegate’s portfolio and all enclosure materials
  • Administration of reception, registration and cloakroom personnel and of other services
  • Reception of delegates with the possibility of paying in cash or by credit cards, granting all financial documents
  • Logistics and reception of delegates participating in any social program activity.
  • Providing the services of interpreters, standists, any personnel on demand
  • Technical logistics (IT and audio-visual materials)
  • Real time Internet transmission
  • Video and audio recording of meetings
  • Organization of lotteries, quizes among the guests on your themes
  • Organization of catering (coffee-breaks, lunches and other kinds of catering on your demand)

Rooms for previewing

  • Availability of the system equipped with a computer with a threaded code for pre-designing, centralizing the speakers’ presentations and connecting them directly with the conference halls
  • Specialists are present in the room for previewing during the whole conference and you can get consultations on the presentation and introduce the necessary changes.