МЕДИ Экспо — Stand construction

Stand construction

“MEDI Expo” offers complex services for exhibitors:

  • Leasing of exhibition stands
  • Development of standard and exclusive stands
  • Leasing of a wide range of exhibition equipment and materials
  • Printing and art works on the stand design
  • Logistic services

Standard construction. If you have madea decision to take part in the exhibition and seek to save the budget, a functionally convenient standard stand of very good quality, built on time, will become an optimum alternative for you and your company.
In building standard stands “MEDI Expo” uses aluminum exhibition constructions made by the German company “Octanorm” with due consideration of all modern requirements.
Possessing large-scale structural potentialities and modern design, this exhibition system guarantees a high level of construction and comfort both for the simplest standard stands and for the construction of exhibition displays of national and international exhibitions in the unified architectural style.
All the stands are equipped with modern functional exhibition furniture and electrical equipment. In graphic works we use a large range of carpeting colors and pressure sensitive adhesives. Upon your request you can order additional exhibition equipment, the list of which you can find and get acquainted with in Form №3 of the Exhibitor’s Manual.

It will only take you a few minutes to solve all organizational issues connected with the stand construction: all you need is to give us the information about the seating plan for guests, showing your exhibition area; carpeting color range, the text and color of the frieze inscription and send your company’s logo to us. Upon the receipt of this information our company’s specialists will prepare all the necessary documents at the earliest possible date (the stand plan, the contract to carry out work, the account).

Exclusive stand construction is not only the development and creation of unique stands, aimed at the effective solution for the problems set. It is also a full exhibition service cycle during which all “MEDI Expo” specialists solve the issues connected with the preparation for the exhibition and participation in the event.
Exclusive exhibition construction is a sure guarantee that any problem the client faces during the preparation and the course of the exhibition will be eliminated with the shortest possible delay. “MEDI Expo” takes upon itself all the organization work on application submission, technical coordination, documents procession, order of additional services and other functions in the exhibition stands construction and their design, which saves the client the trouble of spending a lot of individual time and effort in the preparation for the efficient participation in the exhibition.

Individual approach to the stand development. An exclusive stand is piece work. It is developed in strict conformity with the corporative style of the company-participant, visually expresses and supports its image. In the development of the design we offer the clients as many drafts as necessary to choose the variant, which would satisfy them in all characteristics. If necessary, our company’s specialists will install the additional equipment for the exhibition stand construction, they will order electricity, phones/faxes, the high-speed internet, organize video-presentations, catering, advertising and entertaining events and do a lot of other things. It will be a brilliant opportunity to improve the work and service of your stand.