Ultrasound Diagnosis in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The 6th Moscow intensive course on behalf of ISUOG and RASUDM

Ultrasound Diagnosis in Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The 6th Moscow intensive course on behalf of ISUOG and RASUDM

May 23–25, 2017
International Exhibition Center "Crocus Expo", Moscow, Russia

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to participate in the 6th Moscow intensive course "Ultrasound Diagnosis in Maternal-Fetal Medicine" which will be held in Moscow on 23-25 May 2017.

The course will be held in IEC "Crocus Expo" (Pavilion №3, Hall 20).

The course is organized under the auspices of International Society of Ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynecology (ISUOG)
and Russian association of experts of ultrasonic diagnostics in medicine (RASUDM)
Congress operator - "MEDI Expo"

Primary scientific fields

  • Multiple pregnancy: ultrasound and management of non-complicated and complicated multiple pregnancy
  • Prenatal diagnosis and counseling in fetal congenital malformations
  • Fetal neurosonography
  • Early pregnancy. New tendencies in treatment
  • Ultrasound in labor and delivery
  • Uterine scar. Ultrasound and repair of cesarean scar
  • Ultrasound in gynecology

For registration send a message to reg@mediexpo.ru  

Registration with payment of the registration fee after 14 April, 2017 (including on-site registration) will not be held.

Pay attention!
Registration will be completed only after completing a registration form and paying the registration fee.

This scheme was introduced for the planning of the volume of the hall and the number of materials. Much to ask to meet the organizers of the course and on time to register. This will allow us to optimize the learning process, creating an ideal environment for you to work.

Once again we remind that the on-site registration will not be held!

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!


The Course Program will include an international specialized exhibition "MedPharmDiagnostics – 2017"