Radiology – 2017. XI All-Russian National Congress of Radiology

Radiology – 2017

XI Russian National Congress of Radiology

May 23-25, 2017

Moscow, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center IEC
Address: Moscow, Myakinino metro station (dark-blue line), Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre, 3-rd pavilion, 4-th floor, hall 20 more

Терновой С.К.
President of the Congress-2017, Professor
Dombrovski V.I.

Dear Colleagues! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Many factors unite us, different people, women and men, young and wise in experience, with different level of education or without it, living in big cities and small towns of the vast country.  One of these factors, the most essential for many people, is the professional activities in the field of radiation diagnostics and radiotherapy, to which our teachers and teachers of our teachers have devoted most part of their lives.

Since the beginning of the last century, imaging modality methods traditionally hold the leading positions not only at the stage of identifying a particular disease process, and monitoring of its course, but also upon selection of treatment tactics and evaluating its effectiveness.  Today it is also difficult to imagine fight against cancerous diseases without application of various types of radiation therapy.  It should to noted that this has been made possible thanks to the outstanding researches of our predecessors, and those still alive, starting from Wilhelm Conrad Rentgen) and ending by Paul Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield.  Not every clinical discipline can be proud of the fact that its emergence and development became possible due to papers of more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners, and not only in the field of physiology and medicine, but also in chemistry and physics...

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Терновой С.К.
Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Ternovoy S.K.

Dear friends and colleagues!

I am very pleased that the X Anniversary Congress of X-ray diagnosticians and therapists "Radiology-2016" has passed very successfully! You already know that the Forum of Medical Diagnostics and the Congress was attended by more than 3,700 specialists.

In this year, for the first time, All-Russian National Congress of X-ray diagnosticians and therapists "Radiology-2016" has received confirmation of the Commission on assessment of training activities and materials for Continuing Medical Education (CME) on compliance with the requirements of the Coordination Council for the development of continuing medical and pharmaceutical education of the RF Ministry of Health. The Congress participants got 16 credits and a special standard-form Certificate of CME.  It is important to emphasize that at the next Congress there will be carried out daily registration of participants, as to obtain a certificate of CME it is required to take the full course educational program.

According to the approved plan of educational-methodical commission on radiation diagnosis and radiotherapy under the Federal educational-methodical association for the enlarged group of professions, specialties and areas of training 31.00.00 "Clinical Medicine" there was held a meeting of the commission in an expanded format. This is a very important part of our community work, because from the structure and quality of the speciality teaching depends the role and share of radiation diagnostics in the clinical practice.  And, of course, the prestige of a doctor working in different modalities of radiation diagnostics...

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  • Russian Scientific Center of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Hertsen Federal Medical Research Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Russian Scientific Center of Radiology and Surgical Technologies of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI)
  • Society of Radiodiagnosis
  • Russian Association of Specialists in Ultrasound Diagnostic in Medicine
  • Russian society of roentgenologists and radiologists
  • Society of Intervention Oncoradiology
  • Russian Association of Mammologists
  • Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “National Congress of Radiodiagnosticians”
  • Congress operator “MEDI Expo”

Specialized exhibition

The Congress Program will include an international specialized exhibition that will discuss cutting-edge technologies in diagnostics of human diseases «MedPharmDiagnostics – 2017»

Food and beverage

MEDI Expo Company organizes business-lunch for participants of the Forum.


MEDI Event Company renders services of accommodation for all participants of The Forum at special prices.