Publication of posters

The deadline for submissions - March 25, 2017

Members of Congress, pay the full registration fee, 2 posters or 2 abstracts can publish free

The cost of publication of the additional abstracts and posters - 300 rubles.

Do not post more than 3 abstracts or posters with the same first author

To review poster presentations are loaded into the personal account as aabstract marked "POSTER".

General requirements for publication of posters

Posters should reflect the purpose, materials and methods, results andconclusion - without tables and figures

  • When you download the posters for the review of the existingrestrictions on the number of characters in each section:
    • The goal - 150 characters
    • Materials and Methods - 300 characters
    • Result - 2 000 characters
    • General Conclusions - 500 characters

After a positive decision of the reviewer poster presentations will be assigned anumber, under which you will be provided with a place to put in the "posterarea."

Requirements for registration and submission of poster presentations at the event

  • Posters (approved by the Scientific and Editorial Committee of the congress, in due time) appears May 23, 2017 from 8.00 to 20 in the hall"poster area"
  • The poster is made on the paper sheet A1 format (size 594h841 mm), the vertical orientation of the sheet. POSTER different format for placementBE ACCEPTED.
  • In the poster tables, graphs, pictures - WELCOME!
  • Attaching a poster made by the author in accordance with the established place of the assigned number. Means for attachment are issued on the spot.
  • Posters can be submitted in Russian or English languages.
  • Poster-text of the report should contain the sections: title, surnames and initials of the authors, names of institutions, telephone number and email address to contact the authors, the emblem of the institution is allowed. The structure of the poster: aim, materials and methods,results, discussion and conclusion. Figures and tables should be accompanied by detailed captions. There are references to the literature.
  • Posters should be submitted under the following headings:
  1. Head and neck
  2. Chest cavity
  3. Abdomen
  4. Heart and blood vessels
  5. Uronefrologiya
  6. Women's Health
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Traumatology, orthopedics and arthrology
  9. Neurology and Neurosurgery
  10. Emergencies
  11. Oncology
  12. Rentgenhirurgiya
  13. Management in X-ray diagnostics
  14. Functional diagnostics
  15. Radiation therapy and medical physics
  16. Radiotherapy and medical physics
  17. Miscellaneous