МЕДИ Экспо — Mother and Child 2011. XII All-Russia scientific forum
Mother and Child 2011. XII All-Russia scientific forum

XII All-Russia scientific forum
"Mother and Child 2011"

Мать и Дитя 2010 The largest specialized project in gynecology, obstetrics andneonatology

Dates: September, 27-30, 2011

Venue: Moscow, 65-66 km. of MKAD, International exhibition center “Сrocus Expo”



The biggest federal event dedicated to actual questions and problems in the field of obstetrics gynecology and perinatology. Forum is huge opportunities for elevation of proficiency of health workers and annually assembles more than 3000 practitioners and reputable scientists from Russia, CIS countries and Europe.

The President of the forum
Gennady Sukhih, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

The main scientific trends, which are planned to be reviewed at the forum, are as follows:

  • The Questions of the Improvement of the Delivery of Obstetric-Gynecologic Health Care.
  • The Problems of Perinatology and Neonatology.
  • The Management of Pregnancy and Easy Delivery.
  • Caesarian Operation in Modern Day Obstetrics.
  • Modern Aspects of the Auxiliary Reproductive Techniques.
  • Inflammatory Diseases of Genital Organs and the Reproductive Function.
  • Prevention and Treatment of Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders in the Age-Related Aspect.
  • Prevention of Malignant Genital Diseases: Condition, Problems, Prospects for Improvement.
  • The Role of Immunogenetic Research in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Contemporary Imaging Methods in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • The Evolution of the System of Continuous Professional Development of Obstetricians-Gynaecologists: Problems, the Ways of Their Settlement.
  • The Contemporary Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea in Adolescents.

At the same time XIII International specialized centre “Maternal and child health 2011” will take place. The single event in Russia in such field and level that are intended for gynecologist, obstetricians, neonatology physician that are registered in UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) that confirms highest quality and is a certification of suitability for the international level. Exhibition takes place at the same time as forum “Mother and Child”.