National and International Experience in Gynecological Care for Girls

The International Research and Practice Conference

June, 4–7 2013
FSBE «Science Center of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology, named after academician V.I.Kulakov» Health Ministry of Russia, Academician Oparin street, 4, Moscow, Russia

The International Research and Practice Conference “National and International Experience in Gynecological Care for Girls”
will take place from June 04, 2013 to June 07, 2013.

The problem of female reproductive potential remains the issue of the day, as the current demographic situation in Russia to a large extent arises from impairment of general well-being and reproductive health in adolescents and young people. The health status of adolescent girls, its peculiarities and preservation of fertility determine their future reproductive health. Disease prevention and treatment in the girls being on the verge of getting married and having children is an immediate
problem of the modern health care.

The research and practice conference includes plenary meetings dedicated to new methods of diagnostics and treatment of non-inflammatory and inflammatory diseases of external genital organs and pelvic organs.

The modern aspects of menstrual disturbance, malformations of external and internal genital organs, prevention and treatment of puberty disorders will be considered.

Specific features of sexual behavior of adolescents from different social groups and methods to reduce the abortion rate in adolescents and young people will be discussed; issues of hormonotherapy and hormonal prophylaxis will be considered.
The scientific program is focused on diagnostics and treatment of girls with benign and malignant neoplasms of genitals.

The conference includes a master class dedicated to endoscopic diagnostic manipulations with translation of procedures of laparoscopy, office hysteroscopy and colposcopy in virgins.

The leading adolescent gynecologists, pediatric surgeons and endocrinologists, pediatricians and physicians, pediatric urologist-andrologists, specialists from Russia, the CIS countries, foreign scientists from reputable universities, clinics and medical centers have been invited to participate in the congress.