XIII Russian National Congress of Radiology
Radiology - 2019

Address by the President of Congress
«Radiology – 2019»

Нуднов Н.В.
President of the Congress "Radiology-2019", Professor
Nudnov N.V.

Screening in oncology. A warning. Identify Treatment.

Screening (from the English. Screening - mass screening) - a set of measures in the health care system conducted in order to detect and prevent the development of various diseases in the population.
The purpose of screening is possible early detection of diseases, which allows for the early start of treatment based on relieving patients and reducing mortality (Wikipedia).

Dear Colleagues!

In his address to the Federal Assembly, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin put forward two main tasks, and namely: raising the level of education and health care, especially in the field of oncology. This is understandable if refer to the annual register of oncological diseases of the Russian Federation edited by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Kaprina A.D.

The solution of these problems over the years, to a greater or lesser extent, was reflected in the work congresses "Radiology". However, the current stage is characterized by the need to create a significant breakthrough in problem solving oncology. And this, first of all, concerns the early diagnosis of cancer, creating the necessary drugs and diagnostic equipment. To solve this crucial problems like early diagnosis, it is necessary to develop and implement screening programs. And such programs already There is also in breast cancer, lung, prostate, melanoma, colorectal cancer. Development, The introduction and successful application of screening programs in oncology should be based on interdisciplinary approach. This, first of all, depends on the close interaction of diagnosticians with clinicians. Important importance is played by continuity in the work of diagnosticians. Today we have enough high-tech equipment. These are expert grade ultrasound, MSCT with the possibility of bolus contrasting and 3D multiplanar reconstructions (MPR), 1.5 and 3 TL MRI, hybrid methods such as SPECT / CT, PET, PET / CT, PET / MRI, angiographic equipment, etc. Possibilities and views on the diagnosis of many diseases are changing. Appears opportunity not only to assess the anatomical changes, but also functional. It will probably take some time and we can move from diagnosing macroscopic to microscopic changes. This is facilitated by many techniques that are already successfully applied now. These are different types of contrast enhancement with the study of perfusion with CT and MRI, this is also DWI, SWI, 3D MR RAGE), 3D TOF MRA and 4D - MRA (for vessels), intelligent technologies: MRI CardioLine, NeuroLine. The main task is to create common views and approaches in the performed studies, analysis of their results, which in combination with the clinical picture of the disease and morphological The data allow us to confidently achieve reliable results in the early diagnosis of cancer. Of course, we must not forget that the equipment available in our arsenal allows us not only to carry out various researches, but also with success to be used for performance of diagnostic manipulations for the purpose of morphological study of detected changes. And as a result - the correct choice of the type and amount of necessary treatment, its assessment effectiveness. All this allows us to achieve not only good treatment results, an increase in the survival time. after treatment, but also to maintain the patient’s quality of life, as well as reduce financial costs, which also plays an important role. That is, fast, reliable and less expensive.

Along with this, of course, the problem of training on the basis of accumulated material and the emergence of new developments.

I would like to express my gratitude to all members of the organizing committee and personally to Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Ternovomu S.K. for nomination of my candidacy as president of the «Radiology-2019 congress».

I am confident that, as in previous years, we will manage to hold a congress at a high professional level, it is interesting and meaningfully.

Best wishes,
Congress president «Radiology - 2019»
Ph.D., professor
N.V. Nudnov