XIII Russian National Congress of Radiology
Radiology - 2019

Address of Academician Ternovoy S.K.

Терновой С.К.
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Ternovoy S.K.

Dear colleagues, friends!

The XII Congress of radiation diagnosticians and therapists "Radiology-2018" is history! The congress was very successful. Official statistics show that 4017 were registered in the work of the Medical Diagnostics - 2018 forum participants from 77 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, 352 cities and 26 countries (Abkhazia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Estonia, Japan). Based on this, we can conclude that The last event is one of the most ambitious domestic events of 2018.

As always, the All-Russian National Congress of Radiation Diagnostics and Therapists "Radiology - 2018" was certified in the Continuing Medical Education (IMO) system, and participants received 12 credits each The certificate of the established sample. This is 6 credits less than last year due to the new rule, according to which any event cannot receive more than 12 credits. We deal with this issue because the quality of lectures and scientific meetings has become higher, but the number of points received is less. It seems to us illogical in the system of continuing medical education.

According to the plan of the Federal educational-methodical association, by an integrated group of professions, specialties and directions of training 31.00.00 "Clinical medicine" held a meeting of the educational and methodical commission on radiation diagnostics and radiotherapy in an extended composition. The meeting was attended by heads of departments and faculty of the departments of radiology. This year, the meeting discussed issues electronic medical education. The main report on this issue was made by the Director of the Institute e-medical education, Corresponding Member of RAS, Professor N.S. Serov.

The Congress "Radiology - 2018" has ended, preparations for the congress "Radiology - 2019" begin. As usual, I recommend everyone to register at the Congress in advance. This will save your time and nerves and not Lose time in the queue on the first day of the event!

At the next Congress, on the recommendation of the elected President, Professor N.V. Nudnova, attention will be paid to important screening issues. This is an important issue in the structure of providing medical care to the population. As usual, in 2019, other areas of modern diagnostics of diseases and injuries will be presented. various organs and tissues (heart, blood vessels, organs of the genitourinary, nervous and digestive systems, etc.).

We will continue to develop workshops and schools on the most relevant sections of diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment. To give lectures, like this year, we plan to widely invite leading foreign and domestic scientists.

The XIII National Congress of Radiation Diagnostics and Therapists will take place on May 28-30, 2019, and I am sure it will be as successful as the 2018 Congress!

Терновой С.К.See you at the Radiology-2019 Congress!

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Ternovoy S.K.