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    Meeting of the Organizing Committee Forum "Medical Diagnostics-2018" and the Congress "Radiology-2018"


    On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, a regular meeting of the working organizing committee of the Forum "Medical Diagnostics - 2018" and the national congress "Radiology - 2018" took place.

    According to the chairman of the working organizing committee Forum "Medical Diagnostics" of the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor S.K. Ternovoy registration for the Congress is open. Detailed information about the cost and conditions of participation is available on the official website: http://www.radiology-congress.ru/registration/cost.html .

    According to the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor N.S. Serova formed preliminary programs of plenary sessions, schools and satellite symposia. All members of the program committee and the moderators of the meetings must submit the final versions in the middle of January. The deadline for accepting applications for reports - December 15, 2017. (http://www.radiology-congress.ru/program/report.html). The final version of the schedule should be ready by February. Curator - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor N.S. Serova.

    By the decision of the President of the Congress Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor A.D. Kaprin will organize new schools and meetings on radiology and radiotherapy (radiotherapy of the prostate, radiation therapy for head and neck tumors). Schools will be held on the first and second day of the congress, in a hall for 150 seats. For these participants, 12 credits for the specialty "radiotherapy" will be requested.

    A school for tuberculosis will be organized (curators – D.B. Giller and E.U. Khomutova).

    At the suggestion of the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, B.I. Dolgushin discussed the creation of a working group to develop recommendations on domestic terminology in radiology, radiotherapy and x-ray endovascular diagnostics and treatment similar to the generally accepted international terminology. B.I. Dolgushin suggested turning to Professor I.E. Tyurin (the chief freelance specialist in radiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation) to prepare a proposal on this issue. Curator - B.I. Dolgushin.

    The Organizing Committee discussed the issues of the presentation of the honorary name of Professor U.N. Sokolov, the certificate of honor of the All-Russian National Congress of Radiology, as well as questions of receiving materials for the prize of the young scientist. U.N. Sokolov for the best work on radiation diagnosis. It was decided to leave the age restrictions of young scientists submitting documents (up to 30 years inclusive) without changing. It is suggested to make an information dispatch on these issues in November. Responsible - I.V. Bodrova.

    The next meeting of the organizing committee is November 21, 2017.