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         On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, a meeting of the working organizing committee of the Forum Medical Diagnostics-2019 and the national Congress of radiation diagnosticians and therapists Radiology-2019 was held.

          According to the President of the Congress, Professor N.V. Nudnova, six meetings on the main theme of the congress “Radiology-2019” will be preliminarily formed - screening the most dangerous and socially significant diseases:


    • screening of respiratory tuberculosis (responsible MD, Professor Giller D. B.);

    • screening of cardiovascular diseases (responsible doctors of medical science, professor Usov V. Yu. And doctor of medical sciences, professor Veselova TN);

    • screening for breast diseases (responsible MD, Professor N.I. Rozhkova);

    • screening of prostate diseases (responsible clarified);

    • screening of lung diseases (responsible MD, Professor Morozov, SP);

    • screening of thyroid diseases (responsible MD, Professor Zubareva EA).

         According to the Chairman of the Program and Scientific Editorial Committee of the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., Professor N.S. Serova is actively receiving preliminary programs of plenary sessions and schools. All program committee members and meeting moderators must submit final versions by the end of November. The final version of the grid should be ready by the end of December. Responsible - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, MD, Professor N.S. Serov.

         The issues of awarding a personalized badge named after Professor Yu.N. Sokolov, diploma of the All-Russian National Congress of radiation diagnosticians and therapists, as well as issues of receiving materials for the Prize for young scientists to them. Yu.N. Sokolov for the best work in radiation diagnosis. It was proposed to make an informational list on these issues in November. Responsible - Dr. med. I.V. Bodrova.

         The next meeting of the organizing committee is scheduled for December 4, 2018.