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    Report on the"Medical Diagnostics-2019" and "Radiology-2019" organizing committee session (23.10.2018, Moscow)


    Organizing Committee session: “Medical Diagnostics – 2019” and “Radiology – 2019”.


    “Medical Diagnostics– 2019” Forum and National Congress of radiation diagnosticians and therapists “Radiology – 2019” organizing committee session took place in Moscow on 23d of October (2018). Traditionwise, XIII All-Russian National congress “Radiology – 2019” will be held in IEC “Crocus Expo” from 28th until 30 of May 2019.


    The chairman of the organizing committee, academician S.K. Ternovoy, has opened session. During the speech, he told all the key points considering both Forum and Congress (2019). Next on the clock, “Radiology – 2019” President Ph.D. N.V. Nudnov had the audience. Congress “Radiology – 2019” Vice-president, RAS corresponding member, Prof. N.S. Serova, members of organizing committee and project manager from the congress operator “MEDI Expo” all have attended the event.


    Main theme of the “Radiology – 2019” Congress according to the Congress President, Prof. N.V. Nudnov will be the question of screening the most dangerous and socially significant diseases. Although other important themes of medical imaging will find their way into the spotlight of the Congress program, such as diagnostics of cardiovascular and oncological pathology, application of methods of radiation diagnosis in traumatology and orthopedics, questions of structure and education of this specific line of work.

    Event registration will be open in about a week, according to the “Medical Diagnostics – 2019” organizing committee chairman, RAS academician, Prof. S.K. Ternovoy. Full info on terms and prices will be available on the official website.

    “Radiology – 2019” President Ph.D. N.V. Nudnov produced information on the topic of educational credits. This year they are requested on the main specialty and there is still possibility of getting the credits on such specializations as cardiology, urology and gynecology. President N.V. Nudnov will prepare info letter with all the registration requirements to the schools and sessions so that application to the Continuing Medical Education committee could be accepted. Information will be mailed to the organizing committee member. Person in charge – Ph.D., Prof. N.V. Nudnov.

    According to the Chairman of program and scientific committee RAS corresponding member, Ph.D., Prof. N.S. Serova preliminary programs of schools and plenary sessions are starting to appear. During organizing committee session, it was decided that all program committee members and session moderators should provide final versions till the end of the November. It is confirmed that applications for the verbal reports are accepted till the 5th of December. Final version of the program should be ready no longer than in the end of December. Person in charge of this issue is RAS corresponding member, Ph.D., Prof. N.S. Serova.

    It was decided during the session that further discussion on the topic of Prof. N.E. Kudryashova’s suggestion to accept poster in e-format on the Congress should take place. Decision is to be made during next organizing committee session although poster session itself should remain as part of the Forum nonetheless.  

    Next organizing committee session will take place on 13 of November 2018.