Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation I welcome heartily the guests of and participants in the XIth International specialized exhibition of equipment and medicines for obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology «Care mother and child-2009»!

The strengthening of the Russians health, provision of Russian children and their mothers with medical help and high quality medicines is in the focus of the state and society’s attention. We can only improve the public health system in Russia introducing innovations into the medical science and training of highly-professional medical community.

I believe that the exhibition «Care mother and child» helps to solve of the tasks aimed at the implementation of the state policy in respect of maternity and childhood protection, gives the Russian companies a chance to get acquainted with modern medicines, new information technologies and medical application items.

I wish all guests and participants robust health and success in their work for the good of our country!

Chief Vice-President of Chamber of
Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Boris Pastukhov