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The scientific program of the Congress on Anesthesia and Resuscitation in Obstetrics and Neonatology has been published

A preliminary scientific program of the Congress "Anesthesia and resuscitation in obstetrics and neonatology" has been formed and traditionally covers the most important topics in modern conditions, including:

  • "COVID-19 in obstetrics" ‒ critical conditions in patients with a new coronavirus infection, controversial issues of delivery in COVID-19, clinical examples of intensive treatment with an unfavorable outcome.
  • "Critical obstetric conditions" ‒ organization of care for pregnant women with cardiovascular and cardiac surgical pathology, peripartum cardiomyopathy ‒ analysis of a series of clinical observations.
  • "Anesthesia in obstetrics" ‒ features of spinal anesthesia during cesarean section against the background of severe coronavirus pneumonia, blockade of the transverse fascia for anesthesia after cesarean section, anesthetic management of open operations on the fetus.
  • "Legal aspects of the activity of a neonatologist" ‒ providing resuscitation assistance to newborns on the verge of viability, conflict of interest on labor issues in medicine, "Covid" payments to the neonatologist.
  • "COVID-19 in newborns and young children" ‒ modification of basic medical care for newborns during a pandemic, features of neonatal adaptation of children born to women who have undergone COVID-19 during pregnancy.
  • "Lectures on Psychology for Doctors" ‒ is a block of the Charitable Foundations "Right to Miracle" and "Light in Hands" about communication with patients in crisis, interaction with the parents of a deeply premature patient, and how to avoid emotional burnout.

Also, within the framework of the Congress, meetings of professional associations will be held:

  • Conference of the Russian Society of Neonatologists
  • Meeting of the Committee for Anesthesiology-Resuscitation in Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Association of Anesthesiologists-Resuscitators

A detailed scientific program is already available on the website: https://www.mediexpo.ru/calendar/forums/aran-2021/program/

For registration send a message to reg@mediexpo.ru

We will be glad to see you among the participants!